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4 basic tips for you to learn how to manage your money intelligently after retirement:

4 basic tips for you to learn how to manage your money intelligently after retirement:

If you have already crossed 60 age and you on the stage of retirement, you will be required to manage money. Here we have offered 4 basic tips.

1. Save 10% of everything you earn to invest:

There is a point of view defended by many billionaires and very successful people financially, which is the following: “pay yourself first”. Before someone uses the phrase as an excuse to deceive others, it is good to explain well. The idea is that you separate at least 10% of what you earn immediately, before looking at the accounts or leisure items. Did you get $ 100.00? Set aside R $ 10.00 right now to invest! It’s that simple.

2. Reinvest all the return on your investments:

Let’s return the 10% we talked about in the previous point. If you think that in the future they will be used to return them on trips, cars or any item that is your dream of consumption, you are deceived. All performance must be reinvested. This is where you can come to think: but what is the use of having that money if I’m not going to use it?

3. Never spend more than you earn:

This is obvious advice, right? Well not so much. Most people know that they should not spend more than they earn, yet they continue to make the same mistake repeatedly.The apologies and justifications for repeating the misunderstanding are the most varied, but keep in mind that sooner or later, it is necessary to face reality.Debt with the credit card month after month just makes you put the problems aside. It may be that you are not still in a desperate situation in terms of finances, but that behavior simply takes away your freedom of choice since you will be in trouble every month.

4. Avoid financing in small installments and high interest

When we want a consumer good, we are often attracted by the financing of low quotas. However, it is good to open your eyes well. The vast majority of the time, fees represents high interest.It is enough to put ourselves in the place of the company that is selling the product or service. This need to acquire profits and the financing is not more than a loan. Therefore, stay tuned, In general, the less time it takes you to get out of a loan, the less interest you will pay. Not to mention that it will allow you to better manage your money.

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Proven Ways To Promote Brain Health In Older Individuals

Proven Ways To Promote Brain Health In Older Individuals

So, you are getting older, and you want to make sure that you stay healthy as you age. Great idea! Many people who are 65 years and older who are health conscious tend concentrate more on how to avoid or manage senior health challenges. And most of them tend to seek for tips on to stay healthier. However, very few of them ask how to keep their brain healthy. There are so many things you can do to keep your brain happy and healthy as you age. Here are some of the approaches that you should prioritize.

  • Avoid chronic sleep-deprivation

Chronic sleep-deprivation can be dangerous to the well being of your brain. This is because it can cause worse thinking and irritable mood among many other problems. The good news is, most sleep problems are treatable provided they have been properly identified. If you have frequent insomnia or anxiety, you should learn to sleep soundly without sleeping or sedative pills. This will require your dedication.

  • Avoid using brain-slowing medications

If you want to have a healthy brain, then you must avoid using brain-slowing medications. This is because most of these medications usually diminish brain functioning especially in the short-term. These medications have also been linked to the high rates of Alzheimer’s especially in the long-term. It is important that you become aware of these medications. If you must use them, then they should be your last resort. Some of the common problems that are usually treated with brain-slowing medications include allergies, vertigo, over-active bladder, insomnia and anxiety. In most cases, these problems can be treated effectively with safer medications and non-drug approaches.

  • Avoid delirium

In case you don’t know, delirium is simply a state of worse-than-usual mental functioning, which is caused by stress or an illness. Studies have suggested that delirium accelerates cognitive decline. In seniors, delirium is usually caused by serious illnesses or stress of hospitalization. Of course, some delirium can’t be prevented. However, older individuals and their caregivers should learn how to minimize the chances of developing it.

  • Seek treatment for anxiety and depression

Chronic anxiety and depression are some of the major problems that elderly individuals are facing. To protect your brain and ensure that it is healthy, watch for any signs of chronic anxiety or depression and seek treatment for the same without any delay. Late-depression is common among seniors and it sometimes co-exists with depression. Such problems are closely associated with cognitive decline. God thing is, they are usually treatable.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise For Seniors

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise For Seniors

Exercise is a great remedy for arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and many other chronic diseases. Staying healthy is very important especially as you age. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay fit by doing regular exercise. According to the experts, exercising regularly has plenty of health benefits for the elderly individuals including extended lifespan. The saddest thing is that only a small percentage of people aged 65 and older maintain regular exercise. If you are still not convinced that exercise is good for your health, then you should read through the following benefits of exercise.

  1. Better bone density

Jogging, walking, or any weight-bearing exercise can help in increasing the overall strength of your bones and so can getting a 2020 Medicare advantage comparison http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.orgThis will help a great deal in reducing your risk of fractures and developing osteoporosis. Most senior citizens break their bones due to osteoporosis. So, for you to have good bone health and prevent any health complications that could result from bone fracture, you should do weight-bearing exercises.

  • Reduced risk of heart attack or stroke

Cycling, doing light housework, brisk walking or doing any cardiovascular exercise regularly will help reduce your risk of developing stroke or suffering heart attack. Any exercise that raises your heart rate will help increase the blood flow to your heart. This will give your general health a huge boost.

  • Prevent falls

Regular exercise improves bone density and muscle strength and this improve balance and thereby reduces the risk of falls. According to World Health Organization, exercising regularly can help in reducing the risk of an elderly individual having a hip fracture by about 40 percent.

  • Helps you live longer

According to WHO (World Health Organization, sedentary lifestyle is among the leading causes of disability and death not only among seniors, but also among the general world’s population. Regular exercise, even gentle ones such as swimming or walking can actually increase you’re your lifespan by about five years.

  • Delay or prevent diseases

As mentioned before, regular exercise is a very effective remedy for a number of chronic conditions, which are usually associated with old age. According to several studies, people with diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis benefit tremendously from regular exercise. Regular activity can also help you in managing high cholesterol. When you can keep cholesterol levels in your within a healthy range, you will greatly reduce your risk of suffering stroke and heart disease.

Ways In Which Aging Changes The Way Seniors Travel

Ways In Which Aging Changes The Way Seniors Travel

Age does not diminish desire to travel. However, it does have an effect on how we travel. As you grow older, you become wiser, and free, and you get a sense of what is most important. As you age, your desire to travel increases and you might end up traveling a lot. According to the experts, there are so many ways that age can change the way a person travels. Here are some of ways in which travel can change as we grow older.

  1. Mobility and health issues

Older travelers, even the active ones, usually experience transient pains and aches. These make you realize that you need to things differently than the way you used to do them in the past. For instance, you realize that you can’t do things as fast as you used to before you celebrated your 65th birthday. With age come a lot of health and mobility issues. Because you might not know how long it might take you to move between gates, you will typically start allowing more time especially between connecting flights. Due to health and mobility issues that are associated with old age, you will realize that you can turn down help when offered especially during movement. You may also ask for help more frequently. For instance, you will find yourself grabbing another person’s arm when you are climbing steps on a plane or a tour bus. As you age, you become less tolerant of extreme temperatures. You will also find it necessary to insure your trips.

  • Convenience over the cost

Senior travelers are usually willing to pay more money on their travel to avoid inconvenience and hassle. In other words, convenience becomes more important that the cost as you get older. For instance, older travelers tend to pay more for direct flights, or book first-class seats where they can travel more comfortably. Older travelers also tend to pay for a singles supplement instead of paying less to share hotel rooms with other people. Besides, older travelers avoid doing things for themselves because they no longer have the stamina for the same. So, they tend to pay potters and bellhops to help them with luggage.

  • Comfort over smartness

As we age, we tend to prefer comfort over appearance and image. Senior travelers usually more sensible about what they pack. They tend to choose shoes and clothes for practicality and comfort. They tend to travel light and this means that they enjoy their trip more than younger generation.

Time-Saving Tips For Senior Travelers

Time-Saving Tips For Senior Travelers

Time is always of the side of seniors. However, this doesn’t mean that time is no longer a precious thing in your life as an older adult. After all, time only becomes valuable when you spend it on fun as far as travelling is concerned. Because you are here, I bet you are looking for time-saving tips. Well, here are some of the top time-saving tips for senior travelers.

  1. Vocation during off-season

One way to save time when travelling is to travel during off-season. This is because peak travel seasons are always associated with long lines at the airports and this can waste a lot of your time. Besides, peak travel season is associated with long traffic jams. This means that you will be spending a lot of time on the road as you try to access the airport or as you visit various tourist sites.

  • Use the regional airport

Travelers often prefer using the big hubs or international airports because there are plenty of flights for one to choose from. If you are time conscious, then use regional airports because they have faster check-in, more parking spaces, less traffic, and shorter security lines as compared to the big hubs.

  • Pre-program

In case you are using your phone or a GPS unit for navigation, you should program all the physical addresses for your entire trip into one section. Programming the addresses into one section will eliminate any need to enter an address every time you w ant to drive to a new place or destination. Again, if you are driving, you will have to stop the car and enter the addresses. All these can waste your time a great deal. You should also plan out all the stops so that you don’t waste time thinking or asking where you should stop next.

  • Travel with carry-on luggage only

Avoiding checking in luggage is one of the greatest ways to save time when travelling. This will save you from the long wait to check in a luggage. Again, you won’t have to waste time waiting at the baggage claim for the bag to arrive. Travelling with carry-on luggage only helps in cutting down the time needed to do the packing.

Have a guidebook

Having a guide book is a great way of saving time when you travel. While you can always get every piece of information you need on the internet, some blogs may contain contradicting information and relying on them entirely might make you waste a lot of time. With a great guidebook, you can plan your trip in advance and you can always refer to it to avoid any confusion.

Simplest Rules Of Personal Finance That Older Adults Must Observe

Simplest Rules Of Personal Finance That Older Adults Must Observe

Golden years are supposed to be golden. But if you can’t afford the basics and you continue worrying about your personal finance, then you will definitely not enjoy your golden years. There are some simple rules of personal finance that you need to live by as you age. Read through to learn more about what these rules are.

  1. Spend less than you are earning

This is a very simple, but fundamental rule that you must observe for you to be on top of your personal fiancé. As a senior citizen, chances are that you are living on a fixed income, and you probably have some savings. Spending more than you earn per month simply means that you will be using your savings. Note that you still have a future, and you should keep your savings in good use for unseen happenings, future use, or to build more wealth by starting a business.

  • Have a budget

Having a budget is another rule of personal fiancé, and every senior citizen should have one. Have a budget and clearly plan how you will be using your money every month. Having a budget and sticking to eat will help you observe the first rule – spending less than you are earning. 

  • Set financial goals

You can’t just live without having any goals, and having clear financial goals is an important rule of personal fiancé that you must live by as you grow older. You should always work towards achieving these goals. For instance, you might want to save some of your income for two years before using the savings to start a business. You could also be aiming at gradually cutting down your expenses and downsizing your lifestyle within the next 6 months. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, the goals must be clear.

  • Go shopping with a shopping list

Whenever you are going shopping, whether at a shopping mall, in the streets, or at a grocery store, be sure to have a list of the things you want to buy. Budget for these things and stick to the list. Impulse buying is one of the greatest enemies of personal finance. Having a list of what to buy is the best rule that will always work against impulse buying.

  • Invest

This is another important rule of personal finance. Invest your savings so that you can have an inflow of income. It doesn’t have to be a big business, or you don’t have to invest the same way everyone else is doing.

Tips For Seniors To Maintain Financial Freedom

Tips For Seniors To Maintain Financial Freedom

Financial independence for anyone aged 65 or older is simply having enough savings to support their comfortable lifestyle without straining for the rest of their life without having to worry constantly about money. Unfortunately, many elderly individuals find it hard to maintain their financial independence, and end up exhausting their finances before the end of their time. You may be financially independent now. But the big question is, “will you maintain that status until the end of your time?” Here are some of the most effective tips to help you maintain your financial freedom till the end of your time.

  • Create and build wealth beyond what is normal
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Instead of relying solely on annuity or pension, find other ways to create and build wealth. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do something as simple as renting your property, making use of your small firm, forgoing travel and other activities that give you pleasure, garbage collection, and stamp collections and so on.

  • Be proactive

Anything can happen in your country and war can erupt, banks can shut down, economy can go down to its knees, and your government can even introduce an emergency tax on its citizens, savings. All these have happened in many countries and senior citizens usually have to bear the greatest consequences. One of the steps to take to ensure that you are remaining financially independent is to be proactive and even take some of your money to other countries with political stability.

  • Diversify among various currencies

Most seniors across the world denominate their bank accounts and investments in US dollars. Practical and careful investors across the globe tend to spread their wealth and investments among a number of different currencies. This is what one of the steps all seniors who have already achieved financial freedom should take to maintain their financial independence. It is important to understand that currencies typically trade in pairs. This simply means that if one particular currency is strong or its value is increasing, it is simply being compared to another currency that is weak or decreasing in value. Regardless of where you live, you should consider currency diversification because it will help in holding the value of your savings and investments.

  • Protect your money from scammers

One of the most important steps to take towards ensuring that you are remaining financially independent is to protect your money from scammers. Otherwise, you could end up losing all you have worked hard for to scammers within a blink of an eye. It’s unfortunate that scammers are mainly targeting older adults. So, take necessary precautions.

Bets Travel Packing Tips For Seniors

Bets Travel Packing Tips For Seniors

Many airlines have introduced measures to reduce baggage weight limits. Again, having a huge luggage will mean that you are going to pay extra money on your travel. As an older adult, you don’t have to travel with a huge luggage that will make it difficult for you to move around. At the same time, there are some essentials that you must pack when going on a trip. It has come to our attention that most older adults do not know what to pack and what not to when going on a trip. If you are also in this group of people, then the following packing tips can help you a great deal.

  1. Use a modern luggage

In case your bag or suitcase is more than 7 years old, then you should start by finding a modern bug or suitcase before going on a trip. The more modern plastics and fabrics are more durable, much lighter, and easier to carry or wheel as compared to the old ones. Most of these bags have expandable sides, longer handles, and strong zippers.

  • Clothes

The first thing to do before you travel is to do your research about your destination’s climate so that you can choose appropriate clothes to pack. Include a range of mix-and match items that you can wear comfortably with each other. Avoid folding clothes when packing them. Instead, roll them so that they can take up less space. You can stuff items such as socks into your shoes.

  • Pack a small day-bag

One of the necessities when you are travelling is a lightweight small bag. Have a small bag which you can wear across the body when going out from your hotel room or when visiting various sites. The bag can help you carry essentials such as medications and personal effects.

  • Underwear

Pack enough underwear that can take you for about seven days. If you pack anything more, then you will have to hire someone to do laundry for you. You can always buy more locally I what you have packed is not enough.

  • Footwear

Shoes can eat up a huge room in your luggage. To travel light, pack only few pairs. Be sure to pack good pair of walking shoes so that you can comfortably walk on the plane. Good shoes will also reduce your risk of falls in the plane and in your hotel room.

Simple Ways Senior Citizens Can Deal With Chronic Pain

Simple Ways Senior Citizens Can Deal With Chronic Pain

One of the most unfortunate challenges that most elderly individuals have to deal with is chronic pain. As you age, your body become more fragile, and you might suffer osteoarthritic, chronic joint pain, neuropathic, or musculoskeletal. All these are not easy to treat and they might make your everyday activities very challenging. If no right measures are put in place, you might adopt a sedentary lifestyle, which is even more dangerous to your health. In this post, we have discussed some few simple steps you can take to easily deal with chronic pain.

  1. Take medication

Medication can be very effective when it comes to treating various symptoms of chronic pain especially if prescribed by a physician. Anti-inflammatory medicines can effectively treat various muscular issues which cause pain. You can also use aspirin to treat the effects of muscle tissues. In case these medications fail to work for you, your doctor may prescribe for you opiate medications. Even though opiates can have side effects especially if used for a long time, they are very effective in managing the symptoms while you are receiving treatment.

  • Reduce stress

Stress can be a very big problem for senior who are suffering from chronic pain. Your body reacts naturally to stress with increased muscle tension and increased blood pressure. This increases the pain and creates a cycle that will not be easy to break. Avoiding stress is very simple. Just do simple things, such as calling your friends, spending time with loved ones, or even basking in the sun. Such simple acts will allow your body and brain to relax.

  • TENS Therapy

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is an effective treatment for chronic pain arising from muscular issues. A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit is simply a small electric device that features two electrodes. TENS has become very popular for treating pain among elderly individuals. It allows a low voltage current to pass into your muscle tissue through the skin. As the current passes into the muscles, it creates impulses which are then detected immediately by your central nervous system. A low voltage current will stimulate the nerves and reduce the pain significantly. TENS therapy is very popular because it doesn’t have any side effects.

  • Staying active

Staying active is another effective way to deal with pain. When you exercise, your muscles stretch and the body burns more fats. This helps you keep fit and relive joint pains.

Proven Ways To Promote Physical Health As You Age

Proven Ways To Promote Physical Health As You Age

As you enjoy your golden years, it is very important that you know how to stay physically healthy. Otherwise, you might not have good health as you age. For you to age healthily, you should stick to doing only the things that optimize your health so that both your body and brain can work at their best at all times. Promoting physical health is the first action you should take for you to have good health as you age. May be you already know this but you don’t know how to do just that. If that is the case, then you have come to the right site. Here are some of the most effective ways to promote your own physical health:

  • Exercise regularly

This may seems obvious, but most elderly people don’t take physical exercise seriously. Exercising regularly will help you maintain your strength as well as mobility. Exercise will help your body have physical strength. It strengthens your bones and tissues, and all these help in reducing your risk of falling. Exercise also improves your mood, and an improved mood can positively affect the rest of your body in m many ways.

  • Stop smoking

This is easier said than done. But no matter how hard it is, you should find a way to quit smoking if you want to have good physical health as you grow older. Smoking affects almost every aspect of your physical health in negative ways. It is not only damaging to your lungs, but can also increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, and various types of cancer. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other tobacco related diseases can actually cause horrible symptoms for many years. When you quit smoking, the physical symptoms of smoking will reduce, and this can also increase your lifespan.

  • Avoid chronic stress

For you to have good physical health, get 2019 Medicare supplement Plans you must avoid chronic stress. Decreased immune functioning, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular disease among other physical health problems that people who are 65 years and older suffer from are usually linked to feeling chronically stressed. This is mainly because stress can promote various inflammatory makers in your body. Besides, it can also accelerate what experts call cellular aging. There are also many other ways of promoting your own physical health. For instance, you should stick to healthy diet, gen good night’s sleep, and maintain a healthy weight.