Simple Ways Senior Citizens Can Deal With Chronic Pain

Simple Ways Senior Citizens Can Deal With Chronic Pain

One of the most unfortunate challenges that most elderly individuals have to deal with is chronic pain. As you age, your body become more fragile, and you might suffer osteoarthritic, chronic joint pain, neuropathic, or musculoskeletal. All these are not easy to treat and they might make your everyday activities very challenging. If no right measures are put in place, you might adopt a sedentary lifestyle, which is even more dangerous to your health. In this post, we have discussed some few simple steps you can take to easily deal with chronic pain.

  1. Take medication

Medication can be very effective when it comes to treating various symptoms of chronic pain especially if prescribed by a physician. Anti-inflammatory medicines can effectively treat various muscular issues which cause pain. You can also use aspirin to treat the effects of muscle tissues. In case these medications fail to work for you, your doctor may prescribe for you opiate medications. Even though opiates can have side effects especially if used for a long time, they are very effective in managing the symptoms while you are receiving treatment.

  • Reduce stress

Stress can be a very big problem for senior who are suffering from chronic pain. Your body reacts naturally to stress with increased muscle tension and increased blood pressure. This increases the pain and creates a cycle that will not be easy to break. Avoiding stress is very simple. Just do simple things, such as calling your friends, spending time with loved ones, or even basking in the sun. Such simple acts will allow your body and brain to relax.

  • TENS Therapy

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is an effective treatment for chronic pain arising from muscular issues. A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit is simply a small electric device that features two electrodes. TENS has become very popular for treating pain among elderly individuals. It allows a low voltage current to pass into your muscle tissue through the skin. As the current passes into the muscles, it creates impulses which are then detected immediately by your central nervous system. A low voltage current will stimulate the nerves and reduce the pain significantly. TENS therapy is very popular because it doesn’t have any side effects.

  • Staying active

Staying active is another effective way to deal with pain. When you exercise, your muscles stretch and the body burns more fats. This helps you keep fit and relive joint pains.