Top 5 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise For Seniors

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise For Seniors

Exercise is a great remedy for arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and many other chronic diseases. Staying healthy is very important especially as you age. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay fit by doing regular exercise. According to the experts, exercising regularly has plenty of health benefits for the elderly individuals including extended lifespan. The saddest thing is that only a small percentage of people aged 65 and older maintain regular exercise. If you are still not convinced that exercise is good for your health, then you should read through the following benefits of exercise.

  1. Better bone density

Jogging, walking, or any weight-bearing exercise can help in increasing the overall strength of your bones and so can getting a 2020 Medicare advantage comparison http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.orgThis will help a great deal in reducing your risk of fractures and developing osteoporosis. Most senior citizens break their bones due to osteoporosis. So, for you to have good bone health and prevent any health complications that could result from bone fracture, you should do weight-bearing exercises.

  • Reduced risk of heart attack or stroke

Cycling, doing light housework, brisk walking or doing any cardiovascular exercise regularly will help reduce your risk of developing stroke or suffering heart attack. Any exercise that raises your heart rate will help increase the blood flow to your heart. This will give your general health a huge boost.

  • Prevent falls

Regular exercise improves bone density and muscle strength and this improve balance and thereby reduces the risk of falls. According to World Health Organization, exercising regularly can help in reducing the risk of an elderly individual having a hip fracture by about 40 percent.

  • Helps you live longer

According to WHO (World Health Organization, sedentary lifestyle is among the leading causes of disability and death not only among seniors, but also among the general world’s population. Regular exercise, even gentle ones such as swimming or walking can actually increase you’re your lifespan by about five years.

  • Delay or prevent diseases

As mentioned before, regular exercise is a very effective remedy for a number of chronic conditions, which are usually associated with old age. According to several studies, people with diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis benefit tremendously from regular exercise. Regular activity can also help you in managing high cholesterol. When you can keep cholesterol levels in your within a healthy range, you will greatly reduce your risk of suffering stroke and heart disease.